Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoshi (Super Mario Bros) Handmade Birthday Party Invitations

My son wants a Yoshi themes birthday party, so we created these super cute invitations tonight. It was a lot of fun to make them with both of my boys. We had a crafty night and accomplished something for the party! I  am planning a couple of really cute favor/game ideas and will post them after the party!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mod Podged Comic Book Jewelry Box and Cell Phone Charging Area

When I found this cute jewelry box at a thrift store for $2, I knew it had to be Mod Podged with Comics! Since it's a girly item I thought it would be best to use all female characters.

The jewelry box was in great condition, but had a couple of nicks and the paint was old. After being Mod Podged, the nicks are not noticeable at all! I removed the screws and hardware from the front and removed the glass pieces before working on it. I then painted the drawers and entire inside of the box black. Then I touched up some other areas as well with the black paint.

The only real problem with this jewelry box is that there is a drawer missing. So, after Googling ideas, I found an idea to drill a hole in the back and make a cell phone charging area...brilliant!