Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You Made That? Custom Comic Book Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I have been M.I.A. for a very long time. My etsy store has been busy and I kind of lost touch with my blog. I'm ready to get back into the blogging world.  I thought for my first post back I would give you something!

To promote my You Made That? facebook page, I am doing a giveaway!

Just go here to enter

It's easy, just like the facebook page for 2 entries, tweet about the giveaway for an additional entry, and/or answer a poll for another entry.

I will give you an ADDITIONAL BONUS entry for repinning my pin on Pinterest as well! Just repin and comment here or on my facebook page that you did so.

Good luck! Please share this giveaway with anyone you think may be interested!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jamberry Nails - Buy, Host, Join my team!

I just recently started selling Jamberry Nails nail shields. They are AMAZING!

All of my photos are of "real" customers, not models! These nail shields are vinyl shields that are applied with heat and pressure. (Blow dryer or small heater) They last on fingers for up to 2 weeks and toes for 5-6 weeks! They have a shiny protective coating so they won't scuff or chip at all!

There are over 165 different styles that can be mixed and matched! They are MADE IN THE USA!!!!!

As long as they are removed as directed, they will NOT damage your nails!!!

There are NO harsh chemicals at all and are totally safe for kids to wear or for moms with babies!

Interested??? Feel free to contact me with any questions... www.melaniebyrd.jamberrynails.net

You can buy them online...they are on sale through the summer - Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

You can host a catalog party and earn FREE products and 1/2 off products!

If you are looking to start a business, now is the time to join! This is a pretty new company and you can get started at ground level! There are not very many reps yet...just think of the potential! It is only $99 to get started. Just by wearing the shields, you are your own advertisement!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Easy Kids Journal or Drawing Book Tutorial

I love volunteering my my kids classes! The Kindergarten teacher has the best ideas and I get to make a lot of creative things for the kiddos to use. Today she had me make journals for them to practice their writing in. I'm not sure where she got the idea from, but probably from Pinterest.

I'm sorry about the cell phone quality photos, but I didn't have my regular camera with me.

You will need a large piece of construction paper, white copy paper (or lined paper), a rubber band and 2 popsicle sticks.

(I cannot get this photo to flip around!!!!)

Fold the construction paper in half and hole punch with 2 holes.

Cut the copy paper in half (or to the size you want them to be) and hole punch them with 2 holes just like the construction paper.

String a rubber band through the back cover and the copy paper. Then put a popsicle stick through that rubber band to hold in place. Take the other end of the rubber band and string it through the other hole of the cover and papers. Now string that side through the front of the cover and slide a popsicle stick through the end of the rubber band. 

Remove the first popsicle stick and pull the rubberband through the front cover. Slide the other end of the stick through the rubber band and you're done!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Wide World of Geekery!

Ok, so my husband is a comic book/figure collector. I never knew that there were so many of these men and women out there until recently. I have been selling a bunch of my comic book wall hanging letters on Etsy, most for kids room decor. You can check them out here.

So now that I know how many adults are comic fans, it has opened up a whole new part of my crafty brain!

I started by making this jewelry box, which I absolutely love.

I just finished some awesome coasters with heroes on them.

 and just listed this amazing wine rack in my Etsy store.

Sometimes when I finish a project, I just can barely stand how excited I get to share it with anyone who will even remotely care. This is one of those projects!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoshi (Super Mario Bros) Handmade Birthday Party Invitations

My son wants a Yoshi themes birthday party, so we created these super cute invitations tonight. It was a lot of fun to make them with both of my boys. We had a crafty night and accomplished something for the party! I  am planning a couple of really cute favor/game ideas and will post them after the party!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mod Podged Comic Book Jewelry Box and Cell Phone Charging Area

When I found this cute jewelry box at a thrift store for $2, I knew it had to be Mod Podged with Comics! Since it's a girly item I thought it would be best to use all female characters.

The jewelry box was in great condition, but had a couple of nicks and the paint was old. After being Mod Podged, the nicks are not noticeable at all! I removed the screws and hardware from the front and removed the glass pieces before working on it. I then painted the drawers and entire inside of the box black. Then I touched up some other areas as well with the black paint.

The only real problem with this jewelry box is that there is a drawer missing. So, after Googling ideas, I found an idea to drill a hole in the back and make a cell phone charging area...brilliant!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Mod Podged Comic Book Letters

I have had a lot of interest in my Mod Podged Comic Book Letters lately. I am so flattered that my project has been pinned so many times on Pinterest!!!

Here is my latest creation:

These are so much fun to create and I love doing different characters. I also made the word READ for one of my friends that is a teacher. She wanted to hang them in her classroom. What a great idea! I am going to make them for my sons teachers as end of the year gifts. I had her send me a picture of them hanging on her wall:

Here are some other letters I have made as well:

You can find these custom letters in my Etsy shop here: www.melrowe.etsy.com

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!