Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy and Yummy Chicken , Vegetable and Pasta Soup

If any of you live in an area where Bountiful Baskets is available, please try it! Check the website www.bountifulbaskets.org for availability in your area. It is a food co-op run by volunteers. I paid $15 for a basket of fruit and a basket of veggies. For $10 extra, they will guarantee all produce to be organic.  They also have add ons available. I was able to get 8 lbs. of fresh strawberries from California for $12! There is also fresh bread, herbs/spice packs, oranges, apricots, tomatoes, etc available. This is what I got this week:

Sorry about the quality of the photo! I wasn't thinking in blog mode!

I boiled chicken breasts so that it would be shredded chicken. I cut up some white potatoes, carrots and celery and cooked some pasta. I also got out a can of corn. Then I added it all to boiling water with Lipton onion soup mix. It was a little bland, so I added onion pepper salt and it was perfect! Very easy, healthy and so good!

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