Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY Dress From 3 Pieces of Fabric - Tutorial

I made this dress for a friend to wear to her 20th high school reunion this summer. It was super easy and really turned out cute!

For this dress, I recommend buying 2 yards of fabric. I made this with 1 1/2 yds, but it really cut it close!

I don't really measure, but just wrap the fabric around the bust and body. The bust should be tight, so that it doesn't fall down. I like to fold the fabric in half so that  I don't have to sew the top neck line.

The body part needs to be big enough to fit and hang loosely around the biggest part of the hips. If not, it will be clingy and look gross. In the middle, I gathered the body piece a bit and then sewed the two pieces together, stretching a bit as I went.

Since this is a nice stretchy knit fabric, I didn't even hem the bottom, just made sure to cut it very straight. I just cut a long strip for the tie and that's it.

When wearing it, I recommend safety pinning the tie to the dress from the inside to keep it in place and to hide the seam where the 2 pieces are attached.

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