Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yarn or Fabric Wrapped Clothesline Rope Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

These are super cute, easy and cheap bangle bracelets. For a couple of dollars, you can make a whole bunch of them!

You will need rope, painters tape, yarn or long strips of fabric, glue (Weld Bond or hot glue). I got an 80 ft clothesline at the dollar store and Big Lots has great unique yarn/fibers for a dollar as well.

Wrap the clothes line in a circle 3 times and cut it to fit your wrist.

Wrap the tape around the piece of rope to secure it.

Keep wrapping the tape around until you get a secured circle.

Now start wrapping th ring with the yarn/fabric. Be sure to tuck the end under so that it will not unravel.

When you have wrapped the whole ring, glue the end to the inside of the bangle. If you use weld bond or a glue similar, you will have to hold the end down until it starts to dry or it won't stick very well. If you use a wool yarn, you will have to hold it down longer and use more glue. It's hard to make it stick!

That's it!

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