Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Cute and Easy Bottle Cap Key Chains for Party Favors - Tutorial

I really don't like most of the cheap toys that are considered party favors for kids parties!

This year I have decided to make something unique for all of the kiddos. My son wanted a Super Mario Bros. themed party, so I made key chains. I figured that they can hang them on their backpacks since it's the beginning of the school year.

These are really easy!

You will need:
1 inch round graphics - Buy the ones I have here
1 inch circle punch
bottle caps (flattened or not)
metal punch or nail and hammer
jump rings
chain and ring or clip
1 inch epoxy adhesive dots

Buy some printable round graphics on Etsy (or use your own), print them, and punch them out with a 1 inch circle punch.

Punch a small hole in the bottle cap where you want the jump ring to attach the chain.

Next, glue the graphic into the bottle cap with a tiny amount of glue.

Stick the epoxy dot on top of the glued graphic.

Attach the jump ring and chain into the hole in the bottle cap.

That's it! They are really easy and super cute!

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